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Success stories are only written by a successful team. Our employees’ commitment towards offering unique and tailor-made solutions for each client, as well as their cooperation based on trust, is what has provided our successes and many satisfied clients.

We enjoy meeting new people, especially those who would like to work with us. Send us a cold application so we can put you in our database and contact you when a vacancy opens up.

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Gašper Flis

Gašper Flis

This is Gašper’s first job. He joined us at the completion of his theory-heavy university course and was thrown straight into the deep end. Gašper has impressed with his adaptability into the real transport and logistics environment and has faced up to challenges admirably. He also impressed us with his ability to work as a part of a team.a.

Working as a team, listening to and accepting other's views and opinions as well as being comfortable in his job is something Gašper is now very comfortable in. The collegiality shown during his induction and training is something Gašper appreciates a lot and even today likes to hang out with his colleagues after work.

Katja Bečaj

Katja Bečaj

Katja's role requires her to spend long hours behind a desk and complete complex tasks using Word and Excel software. It had been very hard for her at the beginning and she got easily lost in the complexity of her role. Thankfully Katja was surrounded with great colleagues who offered her advice and supported her on her way to becoming a computer expert. Today she feels quite at home dealing with graphs and tables.

At home, Katja is responsible for the family budget. She works out the monthly budget, paying bills, and taking care of other income and expenses. She does all of it using Excel. She can today cope with everything the software throws at her. There are rumours going around that she also does her shopping lists in Excel.

Marko Reja

Marko Reja

Marko works with clients from Italy and all over the world. He speaks Italian and English daily. He writes emails and speaks on the phone to clients in both languages.

Marko doesn't have any problem watching movies, watching CNN, Eurosport and Rai Uno which do not offer subtitles. He easily shops online on websites such as Amazon and when he goes shopping in Italy he always asks for a »sconto«.

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